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The huntr

Recruitment & Selection

Looking for professional support on a specific vacancy?

Our HUNTR team provides external recruitment support for dedicated searches in the field of sales, marketing & management.

You simply give us a briefing regarding the position and profile and we will make sure to screen & present a strong selection of candidates.
We provide support during interview preparation, feedback and salary negotiations and ensure a positive candidate experience.

  • Hire per hunt
  • Exclusivity or No cure, No pay
  • Fixed fee or percentage based on yearly salary package
  • Defined vacancy
  • Sales, Marketing & Management
  • One of our HUNTRS supports your hiring team

The tribe

Recruitment Outsourcing

Looking for recruitment support during the hiring peaks?

This is an all-in one partnership where one of our  HUNTRS will source, screen and select candidates as a fixed part of your talent team.

You choose the budget & timeframe and together we customize the specifics of this partnership to your needs. One of our own HUNTRS will dedicate their time as a fixed part of your talent team for the pre defined time.

  • Hire for specific timeframe
  • Exclusive agreement
  • Fixed fee per month
  • Unlimited number of vacancies
  • Sales, Marketing, Management, HR, Operations
  • One of our HUNTRS joins your hiring team


of job openings filled
within the first month


per month


companies we supported in their hunt

The Freelance Lodge

Staffing Solutions

The one-stop-shop for all your staffing needs on a temporary or more permanent basis.

Looking for temporary hires or specific profiles to support a project?

Tap into our network of specialized, versatile freelancers.

  • Flexible hires
  • Fixed margin
  • Sales, Marketing, Finance, HR, Operations, Management
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